The Face Of Fear

It’s been a week since since my hectic gig week ended. Six gigs in eight days in two countries. Five hundred miles driven and another couple of hundred in an aeroplane and I only came home with two more shirts for the pile!!

I’ve been making the most with a gig free week and attempting to recharge the batteries and give the old knees a break, lots of miles walked over that week and many hours spent standing. I was going to head up to the city centre on Thursday to catch Therapy? at the Sugarmill, but Thursday night gigs don’t fit in well with ridiculously busy Fridays at work. Having said that though my next appearance will more than likely be the Nothing Clean soirée in Stoke on Thursday prior to Pitchshifter’s home coming show in Nottingham on Saturday.

I’ve spent the last few days listening to music as much as I can. Being left to my own devices in a van for around eight hours a day for work affords me the chance to listen to what I want without having to worry about other people’s lack of musical taste and I can play what I want when I want. I’m sure I must get odd looks when I pull up at a call and Deicide or Slayer is blasting from the vehicle and someone wearing a tie gets out!

The end of last week was spent spinning two new albums pretty relentlessly and both could be contenders for one of those end of the year list things. I managed to get The Face of Fear by the Danish thrash institution Artillery on to my device late on Thursday evening, so that was Friday morning taken care of.

It’s a fantastic 45 minutes of melodic thrash metal, not as aggressive or as frenetic as their 1980’s output. This record in places could be more up the street of a Helloween fan rather than some one who dotes on By Inheritance or Fear of Tomorrow. I’m just waiting for the vinyl to arrive now.

Now I wait impatiently for some UK live dates to not appear in the very near future. I’ve seen them four times in four different countries and the English and Scottish shows were embarrassing by their lack of attendees, so I’m guessing it’ll be another Euro Trip to catch up with the Stützer brothers for a fifth time?


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