Tat Twam Asi

Yesterday I had a lazy day at home, well it’s been an extremely lazy weekend to be fair. Plenty of music in my man cave and football on the TV. As it’s the big Pitchshifter event at the weekend I thought I’d better give the support bands a go before I immerse myself in the main event.

A day later and I’m still listening to fellow Nottingham band earthtone9.

I’ve been aware of them since their inception just prior to the turn of the century. I’ve also seen the band several times, the last time being during Bloodstock 2013 and prior to that in Manchester’s NQ Live eleven months earlier supporting Vision of Disorder. I’ve also saw them in Stoke before their initial split and I’ve been present at many festivals that we’ve mutually attended but not necessarily seen them.

Having said that though they were a band I never took a shine to, which makes my attendance at the Stoke show even more unfathomable . During their brief four year initial tenure of the late 90’s and early 2000’s they released a trio of albums and I was sent through a couple of them via their label Copro to review in the fanzine. I was listening to much more hardcore and pop punk at that time and I was just finding them way to technical and intelligent for what I was listening to. All a bit over my head.

Until yesterday it had been eighteen years since I had even bothered to listen to 2000’s arc’tan’gent and I just didn’t really understand the whole match-core genre. The album featured in many end of year lists and received critical acclaim, but it just wasn’t for me.

All these years later I gave it another begrudging try via Spotify and I was much more impressed with it. Plenty of aggression amongst the melody, and like fellow Nottingham band and this weeks touring partners early output very brooding. I’m now more than intrigued to see how this comes over live after I spent more time trying to avoid as much of their sets as I could. At this rate I might think highly of Mastodon in a decade or two.



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