Sans Chorus

Opening up what might as well be called Notts Fest on Saturday is The Blueprint. The post hardcore band formed in 2000 and are still a going concern today, even though their only album surfaced in 2004.

It looks like several guys on Saturday will be pulling double duties on the Rock City stage as earthtone9 frontman Karl Middleton also fronts The Blueprint. Originally they also featured Pitchshifter’s Mark Clayden on bass. Maybe a guest appearance is in the pipeline?

I had a sneaky suspicion that I’d seen the band in the past, but I’m very much doubting that now. I’m certain that their only album Phenomenology and I haven’t crossed paths, even though it was on Golf Records and they were another fanzine friendly label at the time. I also assumed that my time driving local band Spy Versus Spy around was at a similar time and as they both appealed to the same fan base and something might have aligned, but the Stoke band split in 2001 so that doesn’t fit with my own time line. I also got them mixed up Bluetip from Washington DC, who I have seen live.

Sans Chorus was released on the 2003 E.P. Ecliptic released through Corpro Records, so something else that might have dropped through my letter box but is unfamiliar.


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