I’m so glad I’ve only got a short week at work next week. Last night I went to Rock City in Nottingham to catch what could possibly be the last Pitchshifter show ever. With a head full of cold and mucus it was nearly in doubt if I was going to go, but I couldn’t miss them this time. If I knew I’d have chance to see them again next year then maybe it would’ve been different.

For a band that have been away for the best part of a decade and supposedly only had one rehearsal prior to the six date run that ended in Robin Hood’s and their home town last night they were phenomenal. A few signs of ring rust here and there, but last night was a blast and a perfect way to possibly curtail their 29 year career.

In three days time it’s my birthday and I’ll be nearer to 50 that I am to 40. It doesn’t seem like all that long ago since I hit the big four’O, and to celebrate Wednesday could start four consecutive days of gigs and if I have the will power I might tag on a show on either end making it six in eight!

I might make the awkward trip to Nottingham again to catch Canadian death metal band Cryptopsy supporting Aborted. I have no great desire to see the Belgian headliners so if I can muster the energy, and assuming I’ve conquered man flu sufficiently, I may head east along the A50.

Even though I have a digital copy of Incite’s The Slaughter album on my iPhone they are band that have pretty much passed me by. They’ve released three more albums since that 2010 debut and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard none of them.

The band hailing from Phoenix, Arizona are kicking off their European tour supporting Six Feet Under with a handful of UK headline dates and their very first show will probably have the feel of a rehearsal for Max Cavalera’s adopted sons band (something I didn’t realise until recently.) They played the Sugarmill just around the corner back in January 2016 as support to Cancer Bats and Lord Dying. That was a gig I attended but I never caught Incite, I’m guessing they were first on and I was late getting to town.

I’ve got a seemingly ridiculous amount of gigs between Wednesday and Christmas. If I did them all, which I honestly can’t see happening, I have possibly sixteen shows to attend. What happened to December being a quiet month for live bands? And I was hoping to have cut back on the amount of gigs I attended this year, but in all honesty not working every Saturday since April appears to have scuppered that plan.

As I’m on a mission to listen to Incite’s back catalogue I’ll start with their last album, 2016’s Oppression where you’ll find the track Stagnant.


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