Revolution Calling

Well I can’t really say the last 48 hours have been the best. I’ve been laid up for a few days prior and on Wednesday night I had some indigestion issues before going to bed and I had about two hours sleep before I stupidly went into work for 5am.

Yesterday day at work was a hard slog and I ended up pulling over the car on the way home to throw up. Lovely! I eventually got home and went to bed, well I attempted to, but after an hour I was awoken by a shooting pain in my back. Last night I just couldn’t get comfortable enough to sleep or even sit. When my wife came home it was straight on the phone to the 111 line (the NHS’s phone line that can be used before wasting a 999 call).

I’m still actually waiting for an out of hours doctor to get back to me after 16 hours! My pain ended up easing enough to get to sleep and after 12 hours straight in bed I’m feeling much better. What a way to spend my 45th birthday. And needless to say I ended up missing the Incite gig.

As it stands now, I’ve managed to eat a bit and have a few drinks that weren’t water and feeling much better and luckily I had already booked today and tomorrow off work as holidays any way. I’m still a bit snotty but much more human (unlike my wife at the moment).

My second gig of this year was Operation: Mindcrime, Geoff Tate’s post Queensryche vehicle, in Manchester back in January. As he appeared to come to the stage very late and I was tied to the last train leaving I spent most of the set clock watching and ultimately had to leave after eight songs.

Tonight is gig 64 of the year and he plays a little over a mile away at Eleven and there are no worries about timing issues today. I can drive up if I fancy avoiding alcohol, or if I feel more human in the next 10 hours and fancy a belated celebratory birthday scoop or three I also have the taxi option available.

This run is apparently the last time that the band are doing the full run through of the classic album celebrating its 30 year anniversary. For me, Operation: Mindcrime is one of the most complete albums released. There is no weak track over the hour run time and I could happily listen to this album everyday without getting bored of it, and I happily play it regularly. After this run any future shows seem to be his Queensryche output prior to this album, if I understood the blurb correctly.


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