Time Warp


Next week may see me donning the lab coat, fishnet stockings, basque and high heels for the first time in years*. The Rocky Horror Show is in town for eight performances, and if I can fit in an available showing on an evening when I’m free I think we’ll be heading off.

I saw the film way before I saw the stage show, but it’s one of those curious things as I don’t recall why I actually watched the film in the first place. On reflection I can’t actually tell you why the film appeals to me, but how can you go wrong with a kitsch horror and science fiction transgender cross over show set to music?  Whatever the reason may be its great fun.

I’d hazard a guess as it was down to Richard O’Brian’s association to it as I enjoyed the way he hosted the TV game show The Crystal Maze back in the early 1990’s. More often than not he was more entertains that the group of contestants he lead through the maze.

Maybe it was Meatloaf’s portrait of biker zombie Eddie that drew me to it, as Bat Out Of Hell is a favourite song of mine (which I need to get around to posting!). Or possibly I was intrigued in seeing Tim Curry in it after watching him portray Pennywise the clown in Stephen King’s It? I might have even been expecting more of a hammer horror style film?

Whatever the reason is for me watching it on TV for the very first time it left an imprint on me and I’ve liked it ever since. I’ve seen the theatre performance locally at least twice, maybe more, and it’s something I’d love to see in London’s West End or Broadway in New York. Failing either one of those one of the midnight shadow cast cinema showings would suffice.

Anyway, you know what’s next. It’s just a jump to the left…


* I actually haven’t got the self confidence to wear the outfit in the house, let alone entertain the idea of going out in public dressed like that, fair play to those that do though. But it’s an image now imprinted on my brain that I can’t shift.