Blitzkrieg Bop


Meanwhile 3,300 miles away in the sweat boxes of CBGB’s or Max’s Kansas City – both downtown Manhattan venues – four “brothers” from Queens are infecting the crowds with their brand of short, fast and furious punk tunes.

Their debut album, Ramones, was recorded inside a week in January 1976 in a studio above Radio City Hall. On it’s release three months later the 14 song, half hour album received initially poor reviews from many journalists, but in the years to follow it has become another one of the most influential releases of the punk genre.

For a band that had so much disharmony behind the scenes, they remained a band for 22 years, with a few line up tweaks here and there, released fourteen albums and performed upwards of 2,200 concerts.

December 29th 1977 is yet another reason why I was born too late for the music I like. Ramones performed at the Victoria Hall, less than ten miles away from where I grew up, but at 4 I think I might have been too young to attend. Only slightly though.


It was very weird seeing UK low cost clothing chain store Primark selling shirts emblazoned with the Ramones Presidential style seal on the front a few years ago. It’d be interesting to find out if many of the wearers knew any Ramones songs. Their clientele aren’t what you’d call punk fans.




The Boys Are Back In Town

Like so many bands of this era Thin Lizzy are a band I never really got into when I was younger. Even now I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan, but again I can appreciate what the band, and more importantly Phil Lynott gave to what I listen to today.

Another tortured genius who’s only solace in later life was through drug and alcohol dependency, he passed away on January 4th 1986 aged only 36 from pneumonia and heart failure brought on by septicaemia.

Over the years a multitude of artists from a varied background have paid tribute to the music of Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy, and if I’m being honest I’ve probably heard more of the cover versions than the original compositions. Possibly the most recognised cover is Metallica’s take of Whiskey In The Jar, a traditional Irish folk song made popular by Thin Lizzy in 1972.

I’m off work later this week, so I’ll set aside some time and have an immersive session with some Thin Lizzy albums. For now here’s The Boys Are Back In Town taken from the Jailbreak album.