Woke Up This Morning

Well today’s events didn’t go as planned, due to a perceived lack of interest from the others I was due to be out with today. So instead of attending the Wales Comic Con in Wrexham I’m spending the day trapped inside the four walls of my house watching odd bits of TV programmes, lots of people running around London and meaningless football games, whilst it’s dull and rainy outside.

So let’s do an iPod shuffle….

First song to play from the library is Woke Up This Morning by Alabama 3 (or A3 as they are known in the States). It took me a while to think why I even have this song in my iTunes library, then it clicked. The song was used in the Sopranos TV series. I watch probably too much TV when I’m home, but it keeps me out of mischief. I’m still to get into the Sopranos, I got a DVD set of series 1 what seems like years ago, but so far I’ve not progressed past episode 1.

Alabama 3 are a band I know nothing about. Until I had a quick look on Wikipedia I didn’t even know they were from London, I just assumed they must be American, probably from the state of Alabama somewhere. For a band that have been knocking around for a surprising 21 years they’ve not even troubled the UK singles charts. It’s the only song of theirs on my device and I’d be highly surprised if I had the whole album on the PC.

The Shazam app is the second most used app on my phone when I’m watching television after IMDB. The IMDB app is especially handy when you have those “that face looks familiar” moments when you are watching a film it TV show, or Wikipedia if it happens to include “celebrities”. I might hear a song that sounds good, hit rewind open up Shazam and hey presto there’s a new song to track down.