This weekend was so nearly going to be a thrash metal excursion into Europe, but unfortunately one gig got cancelled which in turn didn’t really make the other show viable to attend – which I’m still gutted about. From the five bands that had been announced over the two events I was looking forward to seeing three for the first time. These two shows were also the first of four other European shows that have fallen by the wayside for the remainder of 2016. 

The first show announced was the Thrash Or Be Thrashed Festival in the Belgian city of Dendermonde, that was supposed to be headlined by Exumer. Only two other bands had been announced with a promise of more to come. The pair who were already announced were due to be Distilator from Holland and my debut experience of Italians Game Over. At some point it seems as Exumer have double booked as they are playing two shows in Germany on the Friday and Saturday. 


The second show was one announced for Friday night at the Little Devil in Tilburg, Holland. Swede’s Screamer who I’m not aware of are supporting German old school thrashers Assassin who are playing a seemingly rare show. The Düsseldorf band have been knocking around since 1983 until 1989, then again from 2002 and released their fifth album Combat Cathedral back in May, which us a great slice of Teutonic thrash. I don’t think they’ve ever appeared in Great Britain, but I could be wrong, which made the Dutch jaunt all the more appealing. 

As I’ve never seen Assassin and I feel as if I won’t see them on home turf, it was going to be worth the effort – and not overly expensive – to fly into Holland on Friday then transverse a slice of Western Europe by train for the other gig and fly home from Brussels. Unfortunately some things go pear shaped once in a while. 

There has been what I guess could be classed as a hometown show announced for November 12th at the Sojus 7 venue in Monheim Am Rhein. It’s under 20 miles from the Düsseldorf airport but I’ll have to have a good look into transport links and prices. 

Bullets can be found on the band’s debut album The Upcoming Terror issued by Steamhammer in 1986 – the year after I started high school, needless to say I didn’t but this slab of vinyl on the day of its release.