Kingdom Gone


The Dynamo Metal Festival is skewed in favour of the thrash metal genre, but there is a nice mix of other styles thrown in. In what could be described as the guest slot on the bill are Gothenburg heavy weights At The Gates and one of a pair of outright death metal bands on the day. 

Last time I was at a festival with a token death metal band on the line up was Ritual Festival where Grave were headliners. Unfortunately on that night back in April the venue was pretty empty by the time they hit the stage. The event was filled with bands from the stoner and metal core sections of the record store and showed the apathy seen with many of the British fans, and this was in a city that enjoys a diverse musical mix. 

I’ve only seen At The Gates twice and both times were at the Bloodstock Festival, obviously. And both times were as part of come back shows, even though the second comeback has now been a much more permanent thing. 

I was going to see them last year when they were in the UK for a handful of shows with Triptykon, but the venues closest to me got serious down grades and sold out before I got tickets sorted. Admittedly I did leave it late to arrange them. When they were semi regular visitors here between 1993 and 1996 I was more interested in the hardcore scene so didn’t really have much interest in seeing too much death metal live. 

Tomas Lindberg and his cohorts were pioneers of the early melodic death metal sound that made the Swedish city famous in extreme metal circles. And obviously a lot of their output was recorded within the walks of the equally famous Sunlight Studios. A veritable who’s who of extreme bands have recorded in that studio. 

Kingdom Gone is the first video made by the band and is taken from the their 1992 debut album The Red In The Sky Is Ours which came out on the Peaceville label. Up until last year it was still included in the bands live set. Fingers crossed they dust it off for the hordes in Holland.