Out Of The City

Well you know what they say about judging a book by its cover, that’s something that I should have learnt with music after all this time! 

Norway’s Audrey Horne are one such book. They’ve been about for some time now and I’ve seen their logo pop up here and there, but never had the urge to listen to them. For some weird reason I thought they’d be some variant on the metal core sound. Wrong. 

As, up until an hour ago, I’d never heard them I thought I’d do some research as they just happen to be on stage at the DMF (read the last post to see what that means) on Saturday. Ah, a super group formed by members of Norwegian black metal bands. Yeah, I was right I won’t like them. And twice wrong. 

The few reviews and biographies of the band – named after a Twin Peaks character, just incase it sounded familiar – all seem to start with variations of the same theme. “Contains / featured members of Sahg, Enslaved, God Seed, Gorgoroth BUT sound nothing like them.” 

Now I’m intrigued to some point, so let’s switch to my now non premium Spotify account. After the adverts something that to me didn’t sound too dissimilar to Shinedown kicks in. Obviously my first assumption is that Spotify has randomly switched artist. No, it still says Audrey Horne and from the Le Fol album. Song two is up and with its Hammond organ in the background sounds like a modern take on Deep Purple. 

So after half an hour or so of listening to them they don’t sound half bad. If moody, mid paced melancholy with addictive sing a long choruses is how you like your rock then you probably would like this. Obviously listening on shuffle I had album tracks thrown at me and I didn’t come across that big anthem, but I’m sure there’ll be one in there somewhere. 

Out Of The City has a very Blackstar Riders, or a slower VolBeat feel to it, and looks like the video could have been lifted straight out of Avenue Q. It is taken from their latest album Pure Heavy released a couple of years ago. I think I’ll be listening to more of these Scandinavians later.