Bad Religion are the latest musicians to be thrown up from the shuffling iPod.

Incomplete is 2 minutes 28 seconds of sheer melodic punk brilliance. It’s also the lead off track from the bands 1994 album Stranger Than Fiction.

This album was their first release on the major label Atlantic after leaving Epitaph. The album is the bands biggest seller to date – achieving Gold status in America. In today’s world that seems a bit backward considering how easy “fans” are to accuse bands of “selling out”.

Over the years I’ve known hardened metal heads by a version of some of the bands releases purely for their logo, affectionately known as the Crossbuster. Apparently it makes some of them seem more evil!!

I’ve seen them live a few times and the Los Angeles natives certainly deliver value for money. Not the 2-3 hour sets some bands play, but you usually get around 30 songs.