White Wedding

What an enthralling eight weeks of TV Deutschland ’83 has been. A look into the Cold War paranoia of the East Germans and their Soviet brethren. It involved lots of reading as my German is pretty non existent. With it being set in 1983 it has included a lot of western pop music from the era, an era that some may say (wife of mine!) was the best time for music.

I have a soft spot for Germany mainly because so many of the bands I grew up on are from there. I was so pleased when we finally managed to arrange a trip to Berlin in 2005. I knew bits about the London Protocol after the Second World War ended and later the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, etc. I’ve been back there once in the intervening 11 years, but Berlin is such a fascinating city I’d like to head back and for longer.

I don’t know how realistically the East Germans were depicted in this, even though events like the “war games” of Able Archer are true events, but it is pretty scary to see how close we all could of come to an all out nuclear attack all through paranoia.

One thing I learnt from the last episode is that Billy Idol’s track White Wedding is older than I gave it credit for. At first I considered it to be a mistake (much like the British maroon passport shown at one point) but after consulting the oracle that is Google I learnt that it was featured on his self titled second album from 1982. Re released as a single three years later it proved to be more successful second time around where it reached number six on the UK charts.