Five Blocks To The Subway

I haven’t done a post for an iPod shuffle for sometime, so instead of me going to bed and trying to get shot of a head cold, I’m gonna throw a few random letters onto a screen and see if anything cohesive comes from it!

Five Blocks to the Subway is taken from Brooklyn band BioHazard’s third album and debut major release State of the World Address.

At one point this band were probably my favourite band for a bunch of years. Not strictly a hardcore band they managed to fuse the hardcore sound and attitude with groove metal and managed to bridge multiple scenes with ease. They’d pop up on a hardcore matinee bill with the likes if Cro-Mags, Sick Of It All or Agnostic Front then end up opening for thrash Titans Kreator. In time they’d be just as comfortable playing on a bill with funk rockers Fishbone or rap band Onyx.

The first time I got to see them was in 1994 when they were promoting the State of the World Address album at the Wulfren Hall in Wolverhampton. They were supported by two other favourites of mine at the time – Dog Eat Dog and Downset. That Saturday afternoon in June was my only time loitering around a stage door waiting for autographs. I don’t think I got everyone from the three bands, but I got a few from each and yes, I still have the CD’s!

For me they’ve never really matched their first three releases and with their internal conflicts I drifted away from the band. I’ve seen them nearly a dozen times but there’s a huge hole between 2002 and 2011. In recent weeks bass player and vocalist for the last five years has departed. Maybe original member Evan Seinfeld is making another return?