KISS Tried To Kill Me

Twenty days and counting since I last saw an original band play live. I had plenty of opportunities to break the cycle, but I still haven’t bothered to see a band since the third day in April. Sitting in front of the TV and scrolling through my social media time line I’m massively regretting not making an effort to attend one of the trio of possible shows I had lined up last night. 

Since the Havok show I’ve only seen sixty minutes of an Iron Maiden tribute band. I’ve missed Vader with Immolation, Elm Street, Blood Red Throne and Cockoroch all before yesterday. 

Yesterday I was torn between three shows and obviously ended up at none. When the Integrity UK exclusive show in London was announced that was the one I wanted to be at most. It has to have been the best part of twenty years since my only time is seeing them live in Birmingham, even though they played a handful of shows here six years ago. As per usual Saturday was derailed by poor transport options getting home. 

The gig I’ve known about the longest was the punk gathering in Moseley, just outside of the Birmingham city centre. Discharge, Antisect, Deviated Instinct and Anti-System all on the same night. Quite a few people I know were there and are now regaling social media with how good the night was. My feeble excuse? Well nothing really. If I’d gone to bed earlier for a few hours straight from work I could’ve easily made it. 

When I decided to go and grab a few hours the easiest and cheapest of the three was some death metal in Manchester. Drive to Crewe, jump on a train and a five minute walk from the station I’d be at the Retro Bar handing over a new plastic five pound note. Last train home was just after eleven. Easy. I tried to go to get a power nap a few hours before I needed to depart, but I couldn’t settle so an hour later I was shuffling around the house. 

The wife and I did end up in a local watering hole, so not a complete wash out, but easily the fourth choice of the day. 

Next weekend sees another three day weekend for normal workers, I’m at work till noon on Saturday before I can ditch the tie. Next weeks options begin on Friday evening. 

I can stay local and head off out to see Iron Ed – a local Iron Maiden tribute band – at the Freebird. Black Spiders also play their last ever Manchester show on the same evening. 

Saturday sees a pair of great festivals kicking off for two days. Up in Leeds is the Outbreak Festival, two days of hardcore greatness. New York legends Gorilla Biscuits and a version of Cro-Mags headline the event. Meanwhile over in Norwich we have the trash metal shenanigans of the last ever Thrashersarus Festival. Onslaught bring proceedings to an end on Sunday. I could be tempted with the 400 mile round trip there on the Sunday – if I gain some confidence with my car and finally get the overdue MOT sorted this week. 

The only show I have a ticket for as I sit here and tap away is for Darkest Hour with support from the current buzz band Venom Prison in Birmingham on Sunday evening. 

I’ll post some stuff from some of the possible bands I could be seeing over the May Day bank holiday and today I’ll start with possibly the one that I’ll least likely attend. 

Sheffield band Black Spiders are calling it a day after nine years and two albums. I’ve seen them twice over the years. The first time was supporting Danzig in Wolverhampton in 2013 then again in 2015 at Hard Rock Hell. 

KISS Tried to Kill Me is lifted from the band’s debut album Sons of the North.