Ain’t Got No

I’m trying to bring all things Hard Rock Hell a bit more up to date and modern, but listening to Brighton based band Black State Highway it sounds like they’ve ignored the last quarter of a century!

They’ve got that blues rock / southern rock vibe going on. Throwing in the melting pot a slice of Led Zeppelin, a chunk of Black Crowes, a dash of latter day AC/DC and at times a hint of heavy metal.

When they appeared early on the second stage at last years edition of Hard Rock Hell I think it was more of a case of there’s no one else to watch and “they have a girl singing”, but they blew everyone away with their eight song set. I’m sure vocalist Liva Steinberga said she was suffering from a cold, so seeing them firing at 100% should be fun – even if they are on at 23:45 on Friday night! Destined for big things in my view.