Rip Her To Shreds

I’ve not done the iPod shuffle for a few days now, but today it has taken me back to December 1976. New York City at the height of the cities new wave and punk culture housed at the infamous CBGB’s club. More about CBGB’s at a later date!!

Rip Her To Shreds – a song about gossip columnists ruining careers –  is taken from Blondie’s self titled debut album. Blondie are a band I’ve not really gotten to grips with regarding their albums. I’m familiar with the majority of their well known hits first time around and when they were welcomed back as a band after a 17 hiatus.

A bit of trivia… Their come back single Maria hit the top of the UK singles chart two decades after they first hit top spot with Heart Of Glass in 1979, which in turn made them the first and only American band to have a number one single in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

2014 saw them celebrate their 40th anniversary and work on a new album was announced earlier this year.