Heavy Metal Month Listening Challenge 2/31

Day 2 – Song About a Medieval Battle 

Bolt Thrower – The IVth Crusade

Need something about war? You can always rely upon death metal veterans Bolt Thrower to oblige. 

The IVth Crusade was firmly within the Medieval era. 



My Autopsy post earlier got hijacked and began to spin off on to a Bolt Thrower tale, so heres a small post and a video from one of the UK’s finest and most respected death metal bands.

In 2012 Bolt Thrower headlined their own festival, Bolt Fest, at the Kentish Town Forum in London.  It was technically free to attend apart from a £5 booking fee (I think it was £5).  All of these fee’s and profits from the ridiculously cheap merchandise on sale all went to the Teenage Cancer Trust charity and netted them over £12,400.

I missed opening band Vallenfyre as it took so long to get in the venue with the over eager searches to deny anyone who might be bringing in prohibited alcohol to save paying the venues sky high prices. We did hear them from outside though.

I also missed all of Benediction due to queuing up in the horrendous line for shirts.  Bolt Thrower are pretty savvy with their merchandise and you can only get it at their shows, which themselves are very few and far between.  By the time I got to the front of the queue the event shirts were all sold out, but their own shirts were only £10.

A few years later I was involved in the most chaotic display of order to grab a shirt at a gig I’ve been to during 2014’s Darnation Festival.  The stall was set up at the back of the main room from the start, but for some weird reason wasn’t opening until 5pm or something like that.  People were clamouring all afternoon to hand their money over and paying little or no attention to the bands on stage.

On that day, and armed with hindsight, I should have returned later as all designs and sizes were still available.