Wanted Dead Or Alive

Last night I fancied listening to some Bon Jovi on my iPhone. Last night I discovered I have no Bon Jovi on my iPhone! That will be rectified in due course. At least I have Spotify to fill in the gaps.

Taken from the bands massive third album Slippery When Wet, the single to Wanted Dead Or Alive is probably the first thing I purchased by the band.

Just around the corner from my high school there was a shop that some of the school kids used to frequent at lunch times for a warm pie – who would have thought I’d be delivering the same pies all these years later?

Getting back on track…

The shop used to sell 7″ singles that used to be in jukeboxes for a quid. I got most of my Frankie Goes To Hollywood singles from there and when they were exhausted I’d pick something random. The previous single Livin’ In A Prayer had been huge and it was all over the place. At the time I used to deliver newspapers before school and someone had Smash Hits magazine delivered. That was primarily a pop music magazine for kids and even they had to cover Bon Jovi.

I brought Wanted Dead Or Alive, took it home and played it on the family Hi-Fi. I actually remember being a bit disappointed in it as it didn’t sound like Livin’ On A Prayer! It was a bit slow.

Needless to say my musical perception has evolved and improved since 1987! It took a few years, but I eventually learnt to appreciate it.