Dissed And Dismissed

After my last two years attending the thrash shindig over in Norwich it’s been hard to completely blank it in favour of a trip to Leeds for some hardcore sounds. 

I was half tempted to attend the Outbreak Festival last year as we bailed on the Sunday of Thrashersarus but ended up heading to London to catch SNFU and Walls of Jericho. I’m glad we did in hindsight as headliners Terror had to cancel. 

Even though I’m not 100% committed to Outbreak yet, it is a line up that I’d really like to see. It’s been almost a decade since I last saw headliners Gorilla Biscuits. Title Fight, Freedom and Fury are a trio of bands I’m not overly familiar with, so I foresee a binge listening session on Spotify prior to Saturday. The rest of the line up is filled with up and coming British bands. 

The band I’m really interested in seeing on Saturday is Yonkers, New York band Breakdown. They are a band I was introduced by a pen pal from Queens NY. I had dozens of tapes in the early to mid 90’s with some cool 7″ releases and demos of established bands from the Big Apple alongside some of the new breed of bands. The Runnin’ Scared demo was one of the releases dubbed onto a cassette for me. 

They seemed to have split after a while, only to resurface in the mid 90’s (or their music at least) when the Blacklisted EP and the Plus Minus album surfaced with many of the songs that I first heard through the demo. Battle Hymns For An Angry Planet was released in 2000 and as far as I’m aware that was the last Breakdown album. 

As far as I’m aware Saturday will be the first time they’ve played in the United Kingdom and it’s a pretty rare European excursion in their almost thirty year, on off career. Yet another hardcore band playing Leeds as an exclusive. 

The track Dissed and Dismissed was originally released on the Runnin’ Scared tape back in 1989 and has surfaced on numerous compilation albums and bonus tracks on their own albums. The CD of the same name was released by German label Lost and Found in 1995, which, with that labels checkered history, was probably an unofficial release.