Back From The Dead

Seeing as I’m travelling around 450 miles to Tilburg for the festival it’d be nice to see a few bands I’ve never seen before, or very often in the last 10,145 days. It’s even better to see a band far a far flung land that I can only drool over in the brochures found in a travel agents office. 

We’ll Cancer tick one of the boxes at least! Prior to Sunday I’ll have seen these death metal stalwarts only three times. First in 1991 on a bill with Pestilence and Malevolent Creation. A year later they played the same evening as Atrocity and Deicide (now there’s a band yet to be featured with a bit of a story to tell!). The third time was after a twenty two year wait once they’d returned for a second time in 2013. 

That home town show in 2014 was their first outing since 2005, and was a warmup for a festival in Tilburg at the very same venue where I’ll see them on Sunday. They played the penultimate edition of the Neurotic DeathFest, which had a make over from the lovely people behind the Maryland DeathFest. The main differences between the two festivals are the amounts of bands playing now and a more varied range of styles. Now the death metal bands rub shoulders with more black metal, thrash metal, power violence and grind core. 

For that comeback show I travel an eye watering distance of 40 miles to the sleepy Shropshire town of Wellington. Well, coming home it was a bit further as the highways department were involved with their preoccupation of roadworks through the night. I recall the diversion signs suddenly disappearing and the sat nav “knowing better” and berating be for not doing a U turn to get back on to the route. 

Since that night in at The Haygate they’ve played less than two dozen shows and a bulk of those were part of a Latin America tour. Unless something unannounced and unexpected happens in the next few days this will be their first show of the year, and their first since last September. The wait for performance number five shouldn’t be as long as they’re slated to play Hammerfest in March, but for how fast the bands on that bill have been dropping off it I’ll believe it once I’ve seen it. 

Back From The Dead is from the band’s second album Death Shall Rise released in 1991 and is a much more polished record compared to their debut To The Gory End. It also featured the guitar virtuoso James Murphy who has played in a few bands over the years who you might be familiar with (Death, Testament, Disincarnate, Hallows Eve and Obituary). I wonder what the Virginian native made of Telford?