Serve And Protect

So Netherlands DeathFest last weekend was quite a good few days away. I saw some very good bands and the exceptional Demolition Hammer were the band of the festival. I also had to endure some dross and suffer half a day on Monday in a rainy Eindhoven where everywhere in the city appears to be closed. It was good to be back home – even if it was later than expected – to be greeted by the wife and an absolutely mental puppy. 
Saturday afternoon sees me tackling the M62 north for my first trip to Leeds for 2017. New York City band Citizens Arrest grace the minuscule stage within the Temple of Boom for their first ever UK shows (the second being in the same venue on Sunday) and I believe their first ever European visit.  

Their original run lasted between 1989 to 1991, and saw them release a few 7″ and 12″ sized pieces of vinyl in that short period. They weren’t very prolific with their live performances and only played a couple of dozen times all on the eastern side of the States and a solitary Canadian show. They were playing around the time of the whole New York hardcore explosion, but I’ve never really known them associated with the scene at the time from their home city. I think they may have been a bit too punk (with a lot of Boston hardcore influences) for some of the lower east side crew. 

Seven years ago they regrouped with a line up containing members who’d previously been in the band and played a handful of shows Stateside. Various members of the band have played in a wide variety of bands since the initial split such as Assück, Hell-No, Colossus and Born Against. 

With this show in Leeds, and bringing Infest, Drop Dead and Siege over last year for exclusive European shows, it makes you wonder who has won the lottery in Yorkshire! Two sell out crowds with eleven support bands would only bring the venue around £4,500 from ticket sales. Half a dozen return flights from Newark would swallow up virtually all of the door takings, so someone is really doing this for the love of their music. I can’t really complain as I’ve seen four bands who I’d never have expected to have seen on British soil and I didn’t have to suffer more journeys to London for them. 

Obviously there’s no MTV video for anything Citizens Arrest have done, but the majority of their back catalogue is readily available via YouTube. Serve and Protect was originally released on the 1990 7″ A Light Into The Darkness on Wardance Records, and has had several rereleases since.