Can’t Wait One Minute More

Can’t Wait One Minute More by New York band CIV was the first track played in shuffle mode yesterday when I left work. I’ve not listened to their debut album Set Your Goals for such a long time I’m going to rectify that immediately (well, when I emerge from my pit). It’s a glorious 31 minute romp of melodic, upbeat New York Hardcore that I played the CD to death in the mid 90’s.

I’m not sure what got me into CIV, but I know this track was the first I heard by them. It might have been part of the Revelation Records phase I was in, or maybe I was influenced by the advertised guest vocals by Lou Koller? Whatever it was I was hooked on this band.

When Gorilla Biscuits disbanded in 1992 guitarist Walter Schreifels carried on with post-hardcore band Quicksand. Gorilla Biscuits frontman Anthony Civarelli went on to form CIV with drummer Sammy Siegler and Arthur Smilios on bass – also both Biscuits alumni. The lineup was completed by guitarist Charlie Garriga, Schreifels was also involved as producer and main songwriter for the band.

They were only in existence for six years, releasing two albums before they split in 2000. Since then there have been a few get togethers for odd charity shows and festivals here and there, but nothing permanent.

I saw the band about half a dozen times. My first experience was in July 1995 at Manchester University, when they were sandwiched in between headliners Sick Of It All and openers H2O – who coincidentally I’m seeing on Monday! I’m pretty sure they played in the UK before their album had been released here, but the singles, and later on the album, were easily available through the various distributors, and that would explain why I have two versions of the CD.

As I’m off work for the rest of the week with not much else to do today (I’m sure my wife will dispute that!) I’m going to look at some of the other bands linked to Gorilla Biscuits, or it might just evolve into a hump day hardcore fest!!