Heavy Metal Month Listening Challenge 4/31

Day 4 – A 3 piece band. 

Coroner – Die By My Hand

Venom. Motörhead. Sodom. Destruction. Green Day. Rush. ZZ Top. Raven. Budgie. The early Kreator and Voi-Vod line ups. There have been quite a few decent trios in the metal sphere. 

I’m pretty sure I’ll know someone who’ll post a track by Rush as their three piece, so here’s a Swiss band who have been called the Rush of thrash metal! 


Die By My Hand


On Friday Zurich trio Coroner issue their first new release in 21 years, unfortunately it won’t contain any new material, but I already have the DVD and CD package on pre order with Amazon. Autopsy is a retrospective look on the years since the band’s comeback in 2010, with some tasty extras included. The bonus material I’m looking forward to most is the inclusion of their Live in East Berlin video that has only been available on VHS cassette since its 1990 release. 

The East Berlin set was part of a four band package that was apparently the first metal gig played in the Eastern side of Berlin since the wall was breached. Also on the lineup headlined by Kreator were fellow Germans Tankard and Sabbat from the UK. All four bands released their full sets on VHS, along with selected cuts being featured on the video compilation Thrashing East and on vinyl as part of the Doomsday News III album. 

After Friday only Sabbat’s performance will not be readily available on an official DVD or Blu Ray release, which is a shame as it’s been so long since I’ve been able to watch the Thrashing East video from the comfort of my couch and I don’t own a copy of their End of the Beginning tape – not that I’d be able to watch it anymore on my TV. The Kreator set can be found on their At the Pulse of Kapitulation DVD and Open All Night… Reloaded has the Tankard portion of the show.  


This live version of my favourite Coroner track is taken from No More Color – Live in East Berlin, to give it its full title. The studio version can, unsurprisingly, be found on their third album No More Color. 

I Want You (She’s So Heavy) 


Time to dig out some Coroner and give them a blast before Autopsy arrives on Friday – but more about that on Monday!

Formed in Zürich back in 1983 the Swiss trio eventually found the stable lineup of Ron Royce, Tommy Vetterli and Marquis Marky in 1985 and released their debut album R.I.P. two years later. This was a very thrash metal orientated release and the band were embraced by the predominantly German Teutonic thrash scene. 

By the time third album No More Color surfaced they were a much more avant-garde thrash outfit with the introduction of some progressive metal and even bits of jazz fusion elements incorporated. 

Coroner fit the thrash metal template (seen on this blog previously) to a tee.

  • Formed in the 80’s – check. 
  • Were popular in the 80/90’s – check. 
  • Played in the UK in the 80/90’s – check. 
  • Split up at some point – check. 
  • Reformed in recent years – check. 
  • Played the Bloodstock festival – check.  

Their eight song set at Bloodstock 2011 was the first time they’d performed in the UK since 1993 and unfortunately they’ve not been back in the five years since. At least I got to see them once, but with so many decent indoor festivals popping up over here now hopefully they’re under consideration somewhere along the line. 

I think I first heard the band on the original Doomsday News album from 1988. There was a point where I was heavily into the bands on Germany’s Noise International  Records. When you have bands including Kreator, Helloween, Sabbat, Celtic Frost and Mordred on the rosta how could any metal head not own a Noise release?

Die By My Hand taken from the glorious No More Color album remains my favourite song of theirs from my favourite album by them – even though they didn’t play it a Bloodstock which, if I don’t see them again, I will eternally remain disappointed about. I see a European trek for a slice of Coroner in the near future. 

They don’t have too many videos to chose from, but this pretty unrecognisable version of The Beatles 1969 track I Want You (She’s So Heavy) can be found on their fourth album, and the extremely technical release Mental Vortex. It also featured on a 1993 Tribute to The Beatles album where they rubbed shoulders with artists like Leo Sayer, Nina Simone, Carpenters and Elton John. In the metal world Ministry, Soundgarden and Type O Negative have all covered this track.