Wig Out At Denkos


Pretty much after my self excommunication from the extreme metal scene I started to latch onto a group of friends who ended up being much more into the pop punk, hardcore and emo scene which I still enjoy to this day. It gets so boring if you only listened to one style of music, and different beats for different moods are called for. 

A guys musical output that I was introduced to early on was by Dave Smalley who at the time was frontman with Down By Law, but had previously been in DYS, All and Dag Nasty, and it that final band that I get to see in Birmingham tomorrow evening. 

I’ve been listening to the melodic hardcore noise of Dag Nasty on and off since the mid 90’s and tomorrow will be my fist time seeing them live. This is not down to me being lazy or some weird turn in misfortunes, but Birmingham is the  fourth show of a six date UK run – the bands very first shows on British shores after they formed more that 30 years ago. Until April of this year though they’d never played a single note in Europe, donuts it as if this island has been constantly ignored. 

The band have got quite an impressive resume of associated bands over the years. Drummer Colin Sears was in Alloy and an early version of Fugazi. Guitarist Brian Baker is a founding member of influential Washington DC straight edge hardcore band Minor Threat, an original member of Glen Danzig’s post Misfits band Samhain, Government Issue, The Meatmen and since 1994 his pay cheques have been coming Bad Religion. Pretty impressive by all accounts. 

Originally the band split in 1988 after the release of Field Day, but every now and again they’d get back together for a bit of fun and have ended up releasing a further two albums with a decade in between each (Four On The Floor in 1992 then Minority Of One in 2002). 

After reforming again in 2015 they are coming over with their original line up, which means Shawn Brown replaces Smalley. Until they released the Cold Heart 7″ on Dischord earlier in the year, Brown had never featured on an official release as he left before Can I Say was released and formed Swiz. I’m yet to hear the Cold Heart release or the 2010 album Dag With Shawn yet, so I’m intrigued to hear his vocals and how he sounds on songs that people will always associate with someone else’s style. 

It appears that the bulk of the set is taken from the Can I Say debut. Wig Out At Denkos doesn’t seem to be included in the set, but it is one of my favourite songs by them and probably the first thing I heard by Dag Nasty. There doesn’t appear to be any official videos, just a few fan made things and some patchy live recordings, so below is just the audio of the track taken from the bands second album.