Happy New Year, welcome to 2016.  Now that all the festive hullabaloo is over for another 12 months we can now trash the ideas we had as New Years resolutions and return to our regular daily grind – well on Monday anyway, later I’m off to see the new Star Wars film again!

Over 18 years of early alarm calls my internal body clock mocks me when I have time off work and don’t need to be out of my pit early and awakes me at stupid O’clock in the morning. Oh well. I usually end up sitting at the PC continuing with the seemingly endless task of cleaning up my iTunes library.  Since the last update things have been very messed up with it.  Today it was going fine until it crashed or something, now it’s being totally unresponsive.

Before it went all temperamental I managed to listen, in full, to the debut album by Danzig, which in turn makes it the first album I listened to in 2016.  See what I did there.

The CD I have for this upstairs has been in my possession since 1990.  I acquired it from the second hand section of Lotus Records in Hanley (I think we still had Lotus then) during a my lunch break while I was at college.  I remember it vividly as I was reading the lyrics out aloud on the walk back, and there is an excessive use of “again” in the lyric booklet, which upon listening to the CD “repeat” might have been more adequate. It’s always the small things!

After Misfits and Samhain the Evil Elvis went on to form the band Danzig – not named after the German pronunciation of the Polish city Gdansk, but after Glen Anzalone’s altar ego Glen Danzig from his Misfits days. Apparently the name change from Samhain was to accommodate any future line up changes and create a solo project rather than a band.

On the back of this simple but powerful bluesy metal album, Danzig opened up for Metallica on the UK and Irish leg of their Damaged Justice tour. The opening night was at the Edinburgh Playhouse on September 24th 1988. Not that Metallica would have needed much coercing as it’s well documented the band are huge Misfits fans.

The biggest track from that album is undoubtedly Mother, more so six years after it initial release in 1993 when  an alternative live version of the video was made and it received heavy rotation on MTV.  NO chickens were harmed in the making of this video.