Exit The Giants

Happy Canada Day to my brethren from the great white north. 

I’ve visited the country quite a few times in the last thirteen years or so and really enjoyed every city I’ve been in. The first time the wife and I were there we visited the eastern side during the autumn. Driving through the countryside of Maine and eventually up to Quebec City and seeing all the different colours of the fall foliage was something to cherish. 

Toronto quickly became one of my favourite cities to visit. We had the briefest of lay overs in Montreal and Ottawa before our first experience of Toronto. We’ve been back four or five times since and I got to see my first and only baseball game in the Skydome. I’ve also been lucky enough to catch the Maple Leafs and Metallica several times and Iron Maiden last year all in the Air Canada Centre. 

The scenery we encountered to the west was absolutely breathtaking – even if I was hampered with a broken elbow at the time which I knew nothing about apart for bouts of searing pain. A chilly and damp day was soon brightened up with a visit to the stunning chateaux on the shore of Lake Louise. I think Vancouver and Calgary deserve a return visit and maybe stretch to Edmonton? 

When we booked the Vancouver jaunt our original plan was to traverse the Rockies by train, but the extra cost put us off that and we opted for a short flight. I’d still like to experience that journey so I hope it’s something I don’t regret in time. 

To celebrate Canada Day, eh, here’s a band I haven’t listened to in an age. When I was thinking of bands to include today it was the same old faithful Canuck acts that kept popping into my head (Annihilator, Razor, Mortillery, Cancer Bats – basically those I’ve featured before). Then I remembered about DBC. 

Dead Brain Cells formed in Montreal in the mid 1980’s and released a pair of albums before the end of that decade before disbanding. Original guitarist Gerry Ouellette passed away less than four years after the split. According to The Metal Archives site the band have been back together since 2005, but no new music appears to have surfaced and no shows logged since that year either. 

A long time ago I had both albums on vinyl, but I ever really gave them the time of day back then. I’m pretty sure I have them both, and maybe the unreleased EP recorded in 1990 that surfaced in 2002, digitally. I’d like to track them down on CD but I fear the original Combat releases will be out of my price league. I do think I saw something of a reissue a few years ago, so Sunday morning could involve a trawl on eBay or Discogs.