Heavy Metal Month Listening Challenge 13/31

Day 13 – Opens with a metal screeeeeam

Death – Baptized in Blood

I nearly went for the obvious Fast As A Shark by Accept, then I heard the scream from Chuck Schuldiner and though that’s the one!!


Pull The Plug


If you are going to listen to Floridian band Death at any point in a calendar year then there is no better day than December 13th. 2016 marks 15 years since the band’s architect, Chuck Schuldiner, died at the young age of 34 from pneumonia due to complications from taking treatment for brain cancer. 

With several other bands from the land of Mickey Mouse, Death (or Mantas are they were originally called) are considered a forerunner of that genre of metal, and gave the world that infamous sound created by Scott Burns at Morrisound Studios.  

I’ve see the “tribute” band, Death To All that actually features Death members from various eras of the band on numerous occasions over recent years. I would have loved to have had the ways and means to have attended one of their 1990 shows when they were support to Kreator over here. 

 The only time I got to see them fronted by Chuck was in February 1992 at the now demolished International II in Manchester with Carcass. They played there again three months later as part of the Campaign for Musical Destruction jaunt with Napalm Death and Sweden’s Dismember, a show I couldn’t attend and hence I’ve never seen Dismember live. 

When they started going more progressive rather than the ferocious blast beats and growls that they were renowned for I lost touch with the band, until my tastes were more refined much, much later on. That also was the time when the band “cleaned” up the logo. Compare the one on the album cover above to the one below. The original logo is much more iconic in my eyes. 

If you have them, then dig out one of the first three Death albums, failing that one of the last four will suffice or even some Control Denied – which he was working on up until his passing – and play it loud.  

This live version of Pull the Plug was recorded at the iconic Dynamo Open Air Festival in 1998 and surfaced as a live package in 2001. Originally it was released on their second album Leprosy.