Infectious Hospital Waste

The icing in the cake for my second trip to Tilburg in 2017 is the 45 minute slot from 1920 on Sunday evening. Following Cancer on the main stage and overlapping slightly with Finnish death metal band Convulse on the much smaller second stage, is New York’s Demolition Hammer. 

Much like Razor at last years edition, this is the band I must catch at all costs and they are pretty much the only thrash orientated band on the whole bill, even though they have some death metal influences incorporated into their sound. If I were to unexpectedly miss this three quarters of an hour then my trip there is wasted. 

I’ve seen a high percentage of the bands over the last 27 years and I’ve listened to a few more than I’ve seen. But from the line up Demolition Hammer are one of the few bands that I revisit on a regular basis. I’d hazard a guess that from the many bands performing over the weekend only half a dozen or so have any significant numbers in the play count section of iTunes. 

As far as I’m aware they’ve only been to the U.K. twice. They supported Obituary on a decent sized jaunt in 1990, then what looks like a single date with Massacre in London in 1992 (unless there were other dates and Setlist FM isn’t updated). Obviously none of those dates in 1990 were as easily accessible to me as they are 27 years later or else I probably would have been at three or four shows. 

Having said that though it would have been some years later that I would have first heard Demolition Hammer. They are one of those bands that passed me by in my teenage years and it was through recommendations or a random chance listen that got me into them. I have no idea when, where or why I subjected my ears to Tortured Existence or Epiemic of Violence for the first time, but after that they’ve been on moderate rotation. 

As there seem to be no plans or willingness from promoters (looking at you, uber safe and predictable Bloodstock Festival) to get the band on these fair shores then yet again I have to go to the mountain. Not too much of a hardship as it’s a band I really want to cross of the bucket list (if I had one they’d be listed!). I just hope they’ll reach my high expectations after a hard slog of bands in the days and hours beforehand. 

Infectious Hospital Waste was originally released on the debut album Tortured Existence.