Dream Warriors

Through various reasons I’m staying home tonight rather than heading to the Amon Amarth show tonight – that can edit to Saturday, so you lucky people get to have a third Halloween related instalment to finish off October 31st. 

This track by Dokken was an easy one for me to pick, but not necessarily an obvious choice to post. Heavy metal and the horror genre go hand in hand and it feels like it’s been that way for eternity. Maybe the metal community is an already made fan base for horror films? A lot of bands use the occult as themes and imagery so why wouldn’t a metal head like something The Omen?  

I reckon I could fill this blog on an almost daily basis of random words for a year just with songs featured in films or their soundtracks. There are so many I could use and a lot that aren’t exactly obvious choices, Saraya, Romeos Daughter and Dangerous Toys are just three that you wouldn’t expect to hear during a horror flick. 

The metal and horror film highway isn’t just one way traffic either. If I had the time today I’d probably just chill in front of the TV armed with Trick Or Treat and Strangeland on DVD which have significant roles for Gene Simmons, Ozzy Osbourne and Dee Snider rather than just a brief walk on cameo. Then again I might just binge watch the Elm Street films. It’s been such a long time since I watched any of the first six films, but I can easily say the same for the Jason Voorhees and Pinhead franchises. A Christmas time project maybe?   

Dream Warriors is the theme song from the third instalment of the Nightmare On Elm Street films, released in theatres in 1987. The song is also featured on Dokken’s fourth album Back For The Attack released in the same year. I’ve got a soft spot for this band and I’m very confident they will be featured again in the not to distant future. 

May the power of Don Dokken and George Lynch compel you…