Raise Your Fist In The Air

This evenings gig (weather dependant as we’ve already had snow and ice and it’s not even December! And other countries all know how us Brits panic with a bit of snow!) is Doro. Already seen on this blog with Warlock, this now gives me chance to post something a bit more up to date for the metal queen!

I’m quite looking forward to the gig tonight mainly because the set last time I saw the band is probably 80% Warlock stuff and as it was in London I had to cut it a few songs short to get a train home. Also, it’s a venue I’ve never been to before.

The Tivoli in Buckely, North Wales hosted a lot of the bands that used to play the smaller club circuit that also included theWheatsheaf  here in Stoke, but they got a few more bands that we never did – Mordred, Fear Factory and Candlemass are a few that spring to mind that we missed out on.

Raise Your Fist In The Air is taken from the most recent studio album Raise Your Fist released in 2012.


The Live Arena 4

Back from a decent, but tiring, weekend away at Hard Rock Hell. Feels like I’m back in the civilised world now – wifi, 4g and phone signal!! First world problems, eh??

Anyway, already looking forward to a couple of gigs this week. First up…

Tuesday – Manchester Club Academy.


Brazilian / American thrashers roll into Manchester as part of their 30th Anniversary tour. I’ve already seen them twice this year and they’ve been superb – hence my third viewing is imminent!

Saturday – Buckley Tivoli. 


That should of read Birmingham Genting Arena as the wife and I should have been going to see Nickelback there, but Chad Kroeger is having vocal chord issues so it’s a second weekend in North Wales to see the metal queen Doro. 

A bit disappointed in not off to see Nickelback to be honest as they’ve been great live every time I’ve seen them live, but Doro is a quite adequate replacement. 

I Rule The Ruins

It’s really quite apt that the first female fronted band that the iPod shuffle throws out there is Düsseldorf’s metal queen Dorothee Pesch – better known as Doro. During the 80’s she fronted German band Warlock until she lost some legal battle with the bands ex manager. Ever since she has been recording and touring under the Doro moniker.

Doro and Warlock were pretty much the leading light for female musicians in the metal community. In 1986 they were the first female fronted band to appear at the Monsters of Rock festival at Donington Park and as far as I can recall the only female to grace the stage during the festivals original run which ran from 1981 to 1996!

The festival under its relaunched name of the Download Festival has made some odd choices over the years, but having Warlock open the event in ’86 to be followed by Bad News just seems completely odd in hindsight. Bad News were a fictitious band created for a spoof TV documentary created by The Comic Strip Presents… programme. The band consisted of three quarters of the Young Ones – Nigel Planer, Ade Edmonson and the late great Rik Mayall.

This track was taken from Warlock’s fourth and final album Triumph & Agony before the aforementioned managers spat took effect. Just as the United States took to the band following previous album True As Steel and this one, the name change seemed to derail that upon the release of Force Majeure in 1989.