Mein Teil

That’s a good start to this random generator thingie!!

Berlin industrialists Rammstein with Mein Teil  (My Share) from their 2004 album Reise, Reise. Just so you know it’s a song about a German cannibal killer!!

A visually stunning band live with some fantastic songs to back up the imagery. I saw them live in 2012 in the Birmingham NEC Arena. From their journey to the stage – through AND over the crowd with flaming torches – and for the following 2 hours they were absolutely stunning. I have never witnessed so much pyro.

I actually should have seen them headline the main stage at Belgium’s Dour Festival in 1998, but they cancelled on the day so Slayer headlined.

They’re back on the live circuit in 2016 and well worth checking out if you get the chance. I’ll be interested to see if they work as well outdoors as they do in an arena.