Heavy Metal Month Listening Challenge 19/31

Day 19 – A song about nuclear war. 

DRI – Oblivion

This was one of four I was thinking of posting. Originally I was going to go with Liquidators by German thrashers Pripjat – but that’s not really about a nuclear war. Nuclear Winter by fellow Germans Sodom was another until I stuck with After the Holocaust by Nuclear Assault. 

I woke up this morning and some one else had gone down the New Yorker’s route so a quick swerve to the Dirty Rotten Imbeciles is is then. 


Suit And Tie Guy

A week ago I was crammed into a tiny venue with 400 other like minded thrashers and punks awaiting the arrival of seminal crossover quartet DRI (Dirty Rotten Imbeciles). It was over 30°C outside by the time they hit the stage with Who Am I? it felt like we were watching a band perform in a furnace. 

It was only my second time seeing the band live, mainly due to an apparent reluctance by promoters to book them outside of London and when they do there have been very few dates in the centre of the country.  Their last UK tour consisted of visits to Norwich, Glasgow and London which was ironically the closest gig. Three years prior to that London, Glasgow, Newcastle and Cardiff. 

They’ve played around three dozen shows on British soil since their first visit in 1987, but since 1990 only 14 over here and only one of those dates was within driving time of my house, Manchester 2011 which I some how managed to miss. 

Their 1985 album Dealing With It!, 25 tracks in 34 minutes, was one of the records that I borrowed from a school friend when I was expanding my musical horizons. Follow up album Crossover was also in the infamous pile. Because I didn’t take to the short sharp punk blasts on Dealing With It! instantly I swerved the second album. 

It wasn’t until I rediscovered the band a few years later when I had 4 Of A Kind thrust into my hands and first heard Suit and Tie Guy that I later realised what an error I’d made earlier. As the albums progressed the punk vibes subsided and they became more thrash orientated. 

A trio of albums followed and their musical output subsided until their 10 minute EP But Wait… There’s More! surfaced last year, 21 years after Full Speed Ahead. Apart from the band running through all five of the tracks during their set, this release has passed me by. Something else that needs rectifying. 

With the growing popularity of bands like Iron Reagan, Municipal Waste, Power Trip and the like, it’d be great to see these guys gracing one of the stages at Bloodstock for an hour.