The Line Always Snaps

In this modern world of sourcing music it makes things so much easier to listen to a new band or song for whatever reason you need, just like me now checking out Dysrhythmia – a band I have never heard of, let alone heard anything by them.

As music gets easier to listen to and for many much more accessible, it often takes the fun out of it. Bands will stream a full album on their website before release, usually leading to it being stuck on illegal sites for free. You can but the physical CD from Amazon and have delivered to your mobile device as an MP3 before you are up for breakfast and listen to it on your early morning commute to work on its day of release or search YouTube. There’s no wait or anticipation for things now.

Also it makes recording and releasing music easier for the unsuspecting fan base you are aiming for. Write it. Learn it. Record it and play around with it all through your PC then flood social media with it. There now seems to be far more quantity over quality than I can ever remember, which leads to you missing things.

As mentioned earlier I’m off to see Gorguts tonight. I thought I’d have a quick listen of Dysrhythmia and what I’m letting myself in for. What I heard isn’t what I expected.

As their name suggests it has a very disjointed rhythm throughout as the instrumental trio plough through a quite outstanding technical jazz metal amalgamation. It sounds like a less frenetic Atheist, mid era Voivod or Cynic to me, but knowing how disconnected I can be to things modern there’s probably a whole slew of bands doing this in 2016.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing these guys perform later. Let’s hope the guy behind the mixing desk tonight is on top form, this is something I can imagine sounding horrible with a bad sound. And the look on the other people there who, like me, were expecting a straight ahead death metal band will be priceless.