Friday night might bring a bonus gig my way at the Wolverhampton Slade Rooms in the shape of quirky Nottingham based metal band Evil Scarecrow. If you’re ever at a festival and you see people dressed in cardboard boxes and tinfoil trying to replicate the look of a robot then there’s a very high chance that this band are on the bill.

I’ve seen them three times so far and the trio of shows have all been at festivals. The last time I “saw” them (more a heard than a viewed) was half way down the line up on the second stage housed in a huge tent at 2013’s Bloodstock Festival. If you weren’t under the canvas as soon as the previous band had finished you weren’t getting inside.

Seening heavy metal fans, admittedly many of them drunken metal fans I might add, doing the crab dance moves to Crabulon or the robotic choreography during Robototron is quite a surreal thing to witness. And the general public think metal heads have no sense of humour!
Enjoy the big budget video for Crabulon, taken from the bands 2014 album Galactic Hunt.