For The Horde

Back home and south of Hadrian’s Wall, the crazy extended weekend continues and ultimately ends with a triple assault of American thrash metal, with a side order of French death metal. 

Monday night should see me making a tired trip down to Birmingham to indulge myself on the second European date of the Havok tour with Warbringer, Exmortus and Gorod in tow. Originally I was hoping to have been back from Glasgow in time to keep it all confined into a weekend and watch it unfold in Manchester. Unfortunately there is engineering works on the train lines and out expected hasty departure out of Alba has been delayed until the late afternoon. 

I’ve seen the second half of the line up previously and the first half of the line up in new territory fir me, it’s also a new venue to explore too when I eventually find Mama Roux’s. It should have coincidentally have been my second time seeing Gorod as they were playing in Toronto when I was there exactly a year ago. Originally I was going to be at the Hard Luck Bar, but I fell ill earlier in the day and had to miss it to make sure I was semi fit for the main event the following day. 

I’m not sure on my transportation schedule yet but I know I have to be there for the opening salvo delivered by Californian technical thrash metal band (with a dose of melodic death metal thrown in for good measure) Exmortus. Monday evening will be their second British show and by default their second European show, it would have been nice to have been at their debut show but things happen. 

They’ve definitely paid their dues on the live circuit on the other side of the pond. Following them on social media it seemed like they were constantly on the road last year on some prestigious tours with the likes of Children of Bodom, Entombed AD, Amon Amarth and Abbath. 

They formed in 2002 and have got through a lot of band members in that time. Four battle inspired albums have seen the light of day with album four, Ride Fourth, surfacing at the start of last year on Prosthetic Records. 

I can’t wait to finally see them live, even if it’s only going to be for a fleeting thirty minutes, and I’m intrigued to see how their technical prowess carries over from the stage to the audience. 

For the Horde was issued as a 7″‘ single, limited to 300 or so copies, back in 2015 and was later included on the most recent album.