We Care A Lot


In a change of pace to the recent frenetic tones of the considerable amount of thrash metal that’s been forced upon you, here’s something from the early days of the back catalogue of Faith No More. A bit random some might say, but maybe it isn’t, so let me explain. 

Appearing later on stage at the Underground in Hanley is one Charles Henry Mosley III, or known to many as Chuck Mosley the original singer for Faith No More, even though he did replace the short lived Courtney Love of Hole notoriety. 

After being friends with FNM bass player Billy Gould since the late 70’s he eventually joined the band in 1985 and was involved with their first two albums before he left the band due to “creative differences” to be replaced by Mike Patton. And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Musically after leaving the band he went on to front New York hardcore punks Bad Brains for a few years, then formed his own band Cement. Since then there hasn’t been too much significant activity until his unplugged shows appeared on the radar. 

I can recall seeing the Chuck version of We Care A Lot on MTV and really liking it. I had that album and Introduce Yourself on some iffy cassettes that I purchased on a family holiday in either Malta or Rhodes. Pirated cassettes blatantly on sale in parts of Europe was big business a few decades ago.  

I later got hold of The Real Thing and the Live At Brixton Academy releases during my time at college when the band really blew up big time. After that though they seemed to be a bit too arty and experimental for my liking and I moved my attentions elsewhere. 

I think tonight is a cheap night and a few extra bodies always helps at local gigs. I’m not much into the acoustic, one man thing, and looking at his set list I know no songs he performs! My main pull for attending though would be the down tuned slow rumblings of local band Bleak Zero, who’s guitarist I’ve known since I was at college in 1990. He was on a plumbing course whilst I was enduring a heating engineers apprenticeship. We don’t know each other that well and only see each other a handful of times a year, but we always casually engage in conversation. 

This track has appeared on three different Faith No More albums. Originally on We Care a Lot released in 1985. An updated version with lyrics more in tune to that time was included on follow up Introduce Yourself and became the lead single and video from the album – which this version is – and the third can be found on the Brixton live album. After Epic this song is the most played track in their repertoire. 




The random generator (or the shuffle button on the iPhone) throws up Epic by Faith No More.

Controversially I’m going to say I’m not a fan of the band. I’ve liked some of their singles – hence why Epic is in my library – but when I’ve tried to listen to the albums following The Real Thing it just seems to go over my head.

I think I got brainwashed into this track and We Care A Lot from the bands previous album Introduce Yourself (which I much preferred), as they were on heavy rotation when MTV did actually play music! Shock horror!!

Never seen them live, never actually felt it necessary to want to go and see them. Maybe one day I’ll see them at a festival, but will my grumpy old cynical side want to watch them?

Awaiting the hate mail.