Live Arena 2016.20

Well the weekend just gone was another bust for the proposed gigs I was considering going to. I have actual tickets for things for this upcoming week so after what seems like an eternity I should get to see some on stage action this week. 

Wednesday – Buckely, The Tivoli

I have no ticket for this, so I may or may not be in North Wales on Wednesday evening. LA Guns are doing a handful of UK shows over the week, but nothing closer to me than this that I can attend. Watch this space. 

Friday – London, The Black Heart

My rota week off starts Saturday, so pretty much straight from work I’m on a train down to London for an evening of mainly thrash metal. I think it’s the first time over here for the three international bands on the bill, but I’m not 100% if Solstice ever made it over first time around. My train gets me home at 1:30am, so glad I booked Saturday as a holiday. 

Saturday – Bromsgrove, Stoke Prior Sports Club

I managed to snag one of the last tickets for this three day event. I’m not overly fussed by the majority of the line up, bands I’ve seen loads or no interest in at all. My main draw is for German Teutonic thrashers Godslave playing just after 7pm. This is now their second UK show after they added a late show in London on the Friday. 

Saturday – Hanley, The Underground

As I should be away from there early enough I’m hoping to catch the EP launch by local band Fallen. Fingers crossed for no delays on the 67 mile drive back home. 

Sunday – Munich, Olympic Stadium

With a week to go this is still up in the air for me. A few friends are going over for the day to celebrate a birthday, but when I was originally asked I declined. Now one has dropped out, so there’s a ticket and a seat on a plane going to waste. How can I say no to Iron Maiden, Slayer and Anthrax all on the same day? Failing that I’ll be back in Bromsgrove. 



Live Arena 2016.1


Welcome to the New Year! It feels like such a long time ago since I saw Nightwish in London and I thought it was going to be longer still until my debut gig of 2016. Fortunately I’ve come across a couple of local shows over the next seven days so that’s an added bonus. 

Thursday 7th – The Rigger, Newcastle – under – Lyme
A local metalcore band formed long before the term was coined by a stack of nearly death metal bands who listened to hardcore! Reformed after a long hiatus, this will be my first time seeing them second time around. 

Saturday 9th – The Underground, Hanley
Originally I was going to see Scott Ian’s other band Motor Sister, but that tour has been cancelled. Local boiler suit clad band Fallen are playing up Hanley, so I might pop along. Never heard them, but one of their members works at a shop where I deliver, and he assures me they put on a bit of a visual show. 

An Ambiguous reason at best!