Bathroom Wall

Back to North Wales for another band making an appearance at Hard Rock Hell.

Residing in Hollywood, California – come on where else are they going to be from? – I give you Faster Pussycat.

Named after a Russ Meyer exploitation film, Faster Pussycat formed in 1985 and had their feet firmly in the second wave of the Sunset Strip hair metal scene. Even though they never made it as big as some of their contemporaries, based on the first three albums alone they still have a place in people’s hearts and made an impact in their first 7 year run.

It’s been written time and time again in this blog and I’m sure it will be many more times to come, the band imploded and ending up splitting up, only to return in one guise or another. At one point there were two Faster Pussycat’s. A reunited version with original vocalist Taime Downe (tie me down) even went all industrial!

This set is going to be one that will be absolutely fantastic and talked about for weeks to follow – or a complete car crash to watch. Obviously I’m hoping for the first option as Wales could do with some LA sleaze!