The Heretic (The Lost Child)

Let’s spin back to my School Daze.

Saturday May 20th 1989.

Hanley Victoria Hall.

My first gig – W.A.S.P. on their Headless Children Tour.

Technically Zed Yago – a female fronted German metal band in the vein of Warlock – were the first band I saw as they were on first, but that gets more blank looks!!

Things are a bit hazy now, but I remember random things from the day. It was FA Cup final day and I’m sure it was an all Merseyside final. We caught the bus up to Hanley and pre gig was a very rock ‘n’ roll McDonald’s!! We were only 16!

The Victoria Hall is a 2,000 capacity concert hall that was 101 years old at the time. Standing down below and two seated balconies – where we saw the gig from. And there’s a huge pipe organ up front and you could see the tops of the pipes poking above the backdrop. They’ve always reminded me of gigantic Crayola crayons!!

I honestly can’t remember anything of Zed Yago, I think it was the anticipation of seeing my first live band. I could be way off with my memories of what actually happened compared to what I think happened but I think it went something like this….

The lights go down. The intro tape by the Doors rolls. The drum kit rises and some intro video plays that culminates in a huge explosion and the band kick in with The Heretic (The Lost Child). That’s it, that’s me hooked for the rest of my life – and pretty much deaf for the next week – or so it seemed!! I’ve even still got the shirt upstairs. It’s covered in holes as I went to college and did welding and pretty much ruined every shirt I had!

The Heretic wasn’t released as a single so there’s no video for it, so below is the audio of the track.