Heavy Metal Month Listening Challenge 15/31

Day 15 – Song with ‘blood’ in the title.

Forbidden – Chalice of Blood 

At first it was going to be Bonded by Blood. Then I remembered this!

Before the advent of iPods and track shuffling options this song was on a good 90% of mix CDs I used to make for the car. Passengers must’ve rolled their eyes in despair at this song again. 


Chalice Of Blood


On to my final day off until Bloodstock finally looms over the horizon in nineteen days time. Another lazy Sunday spent on the couch keeping an eye on the furry reprobate and watching some blokes race machines firstly on four wheels and now two. It’s nearly another fortnight until my gig diary begins to kick in properly again, so in the meantime here’s a random pick from the iPod. 

First track played is right up there as one of my favourite thrash metal songs of all time, four and a half minutes of fast and aggressive class by Bay Area band Forbidden. 

Originally known as Forbidden Evil this track is taken from the bands 1988 debut Forbidden Evil. According to some resource sites, the Evil part of the name was dropped to prevent them being labelled as a black metal band, but as that scene was in its infancy back then I doubt that was the reason. I’d hazard a guess it was a marketing move to appease some up tight liberal religious types. 

An early incarnation of the Forbidden Evil line up included one Robb Flynn who went on to join cult thrash metal band Vio-lence before forming Machine Head. He left the band before the album was released but has writing credits for three songs on the record, including this one. Current Slayer drummer Paul Bostaph is also behind the Paiste cymbals on this album. 

I could actually make a template for this next part for so many bands, many who have preceded this post and for many more to follow. So many bands seem to have ran the same course during their career. 

  • They were big in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. 
  • They played a bunch of shows in the UK in that time frame that I didn’t get to see due to age and location. 
  • They split up at some point. 
  • In recent years they reformed. 
  • And I got to see a version of the band at a festival, which was probably Bloodstock. 

Indeed they did split up and reformed for a one off reunion under the Forbidden Evil name for the iconic Chuck Billy Thrash of the Titans charity show in 2001. 


With various line up changes here and there they were active again between 2007 and 2012. They released the much anticipated and well received album Omega Wave via Nuclear Blast in 2010 and had their second British show since 1990 at Bloodstock in 2011. 


I’ll hazard a guess that the first time I heard this song was when I got hold of the fourth instalment of the Speed Kills compilation albums that was released in 1989 – (Speed Kills… But Who’s Dying?). Those releases were most definitely a gateway into me expanding my love and knowledge of thrash metal. 


Currently they are inactive, but never say never! Their Raw Evil live 12″ released in 1989 is subtitled Live at the Dynamo, and the way the current Dynamo Metal Festival has been booking some of their bands I won’t be surprised to see their logo added to the poster at some point. 

This live version of Chalice of Blood is taken from the Ultimate Revenge 2 VHS cassette that includes Forbidden alongside Dark Angel, Death, Faith Or Fear and Raven.