I Love You Love Me Love


Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me….

This is something I’ve been thinking about doing on both versions of this blog – posting the song that was number one on the day I was born.

The song that’s credited as being top of the singles chart in the UK on November 28th 1973 is I Love You Love Me Love. It’s a good song, apparently the biggest selling song of the year with 1.14 million copies sold. It was recorded by a leading name of the early 70’s UK glam rock scene alongside the likes of Sweet, T-Rex and Slade, which is where the conundrum comes in of posting a Gary Glitter song.

For those who don’t know Glitter had a successful career throughout the 70’s and early 80’s then seemed to implode big style. Since the 1990’s he has had various convictions for child porn. Fled to South East Asia, faced more charges, imprisoned and eventually deported. Glitter is currently serving 16 years in prison for indecent assault.

So, do I post the Gary Glitter version? Do I instead post the Joan Jett and the Blackhearts version that reached number 2 in 1982? Then it’s still a Glitter song so is that morally right? If that is wrong then if I wanted to post something like Doctorin’ The Tardis by The Timelords (better known as the KLF) then I can’t, as it samples part of Glitter’s Rock and Roll (Part Two).

Should good songs be ignored by bands or artists that have been involved with indiscretions? In the case of a band it might be one member acting alone who has brought the downfall of the group. What is the yardstick to contrast and compare “offences” to deem not suitable for the general public?

Something a bit more cheerful, or at the very least funny in the next post!