Destined To Violate

Doesn’t time fly when your having fun? I’m sitting at home early on a Sunday morning trying to keep the dog entertained. This time next weekend though I’ll be up and about somewhere in Eindhoven. Next weekends Netherlands DeathFest II seems to have come around very quickly. 

We purchased our weekend passes almost twelve months ago when the early bird prices and a handful of bands were announced. Now that the day splits and all of the bands are announced hindsight might have dictated a different approach to a long weekend in Holland (and the arrival to the house of Ozymandias four months after my entry was secured). 

There are some great bands playing this year, but for me there is so much down time on Saturday and Sunday where as the opening night is absolutely stacked out and is going to be almost six hours of unmissable bands, impossibly spread over the three stages. I fear the few bands performing inside the Patronaat that I wanted to catch up with will not get my attention that night. 

Performing on the second stage within Tilburg’s 013 venue, sandwiched in between D-beat pioneers Discharge and grindcore legends Repulsion, is the brutal death metal band Gorgasm hailing from Lafayette, Indiana. They formed in 1994, and bar a two year hiatus from 2008, sole survivor Damian Leski has been churning out songs (in the loosest possible sense) about gore, torture, murder and perversion ever since. It’s death metal – what did you expect? Since the inception of outfits like Cannibal Corpse in the late 80’s, brutal death metal bands definitely seem to see who can out gross joe public the most. 

The brutal side of the death metal genre isn’t exactly my cup of tea, or on any sort of rotation in my iTunes library. But there is a sense of appreciation towards their musicianship from me. Take away the often depraved cover art, the many laughable song titles and take the juvenile lyrics with a massive pinch of salt – not that you can tell what they’re saying from the stage with the piggy squeaks and unintelligible grunts and growls. The precision drumming and intricate guitars, all performed at a breakneck speed, are often something to gaze at in awe. 

I’ve never seen this Hoosier quartet live and as far as I’m aware they’ve only played a trio of British shows back in 2011. This live version of Destined to Violate was videoed live in their home state of Indiana in March 2016 and taken from their most recent album of the same name.