Forgotten Arrows


It’s a bank holiday Monday here in the UK which means it will inevitably rain and I get a lie in, only problem being is that I’ve been awake since 6am as all the early work alarms weren’t turned of and the opening to Metallica’s Fuel has been on a loop for half an hour. At least I got a couple of hours extra in bed.

Later today in braving storm Katie and I’m taking in a death metal gig of international proportions. First band due on stage are Nero Di Marte from Bologna, Italy, followed by Philadelphians Dysrhythmia. I’ve not heard of either of those bands so a crash course Spotify session is due at some point today.

Psycroptic hailing from Tasmania are main support on this tour and are a band that I should have seen by now. They played Manchester at the tail end of last year with Luxembourg thrashers Scarred, but I never went as the venue had a ridiculously late curfew and I would have missed most of the bands I wanted to see.

That brings me neatly to Quebec’s long running technical death metal band Gorguts. They’ve been knocking around since 1989 and their first album Considered Dead from 1991 was another Roadrunner release that I was sent for review. After they released The Erosion of Sanity album a few years later they were dropped by Roadrunner and went on a half decade hiatus.

This also coincided with the fact that I drifted away from death metal and started listening to more hardcore punk and its many sub genres. Once I had a mode of transport that was reliable I was hooked on the enjoyment and excitement of the live show. More of the hardcore bands I listened to were playing live more often so their shows took my cash and thrash and death metal gigs seemed few and far between. Now it’s more like a complete 360° turn. I still like the hardcore music, but I’m not getting enjoyment from the vast majority of shows due to the bizarre crowd interaction and dancing – in its loosest term.

Anyway, back to Gorguts. After the hiatus two more albums were released, but the band split in 2005 after drummer Steve MacDonald committed suicide.

I actually thought they’d split up way before that anyway so when I came across Colored Sands whilst trawling my newly installed Spotify app I thought it was from the 90’s. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was a new release from 2013. I really liked what I was hearing and eventually went back to explore the earlier albums. Colored Sands is still a death metal album, but compared to their Roadrunner output it is much more progressive and experimental than what got them signed over 20 years ago.

As with the other three bands in this package I’ve never seen Gorguts. They played a pair of shows here in 2012, but the only other UK show I can find according to SetlistFM is way back in 1994 at Derby’s Werehouse. There must have been more here as just playing Derby is odd or it’s an erroneous entry. Either way, I’ll be seeing them just after 9:30 tonight.


Live Arena 2016.13

After a quiet few weeks the next fortnight gets rather hectic, on paper anyway. 

Monday – Manchester, Sound Control

First up the closest show to home, Quebec death metal veterans Gorguts on a rare UK visit. Tasmanian devils Psycroptic are in tow. 

Friday – Toronto, The Rivoli

Sticking with the Canadian theme, I’m hoping to catch some of the action in the Wacken Metal Battle. Basically a battle of the bands to see what up and coming talents get to play the legendary German festival. 


Saturday – Toronto, Hard Luck Bar 

or Velvet Underground

We have a choice of three shows tonight, but these two are currently head to head. It’s either French death metal band Gorod at the Hard Luck Bar or home town hardcore heroes No Warning. Watch this space! 


Sunday – Toronto, Air Canada Centre

And the reason we’re travelling nearly 3,500 miles one way – Iron Maiden. No need to say any more.