Three Little Pigs

I was considering heading off to Chester last night or Manchester tomorrow to see Green Jellÿ perform. I talked myself out of it for three reasons..

  1. I’ve already got four gigs in five days this weekend.
  2. I have to be at work for 5am the next morning
  3. I only know one song by them.

They’ve been around since 1981 in various forms with a lot of people holding a Green Jellÿ membership card over the years. Even thought they’ve released five albums their most popular period was around their Cereal Killer era, originally released in 1992, and this song Three Little Pigs.

Surprisingly the song reached number 5 on the UK singles chart in 1993! It shouldn’t be much of a surprise though as the single buying public of the United Kingdom have soft spots for clay-mation videos and novelty songs that are really, really annoying and stick in your brain for days. So this ticks all boxes.

Crazy Frog, The Tweets, Black Lace, Cartoons, The Firm, Spitting Image, The Wurzles… the list goes on, have all reached the summit of the singles chart over here with a novelty release.

And as a disclaimer I bought the cd single and helped it chart so highly.

And the moral of the story is,

A band with no talent

can easily amuse idiots

with a stupid puppet show.