Hearts On Fire

After an earlier than expected alarm call, apparently there was an erroneous knock to the front door at 7:30am. Followed by a pathetic two hours sitting at the PC attempting to unsuccessfully purchase a trio of Metallica tickets, it’s time to prepare and head of to Pwllheli (or more precisely Chwilog) for Hammerfest. 

It’s a picturesque jaunt once we’ve left the English motorways, along the North Wales coast road and the winding road along the edge of the Snowdonia national park. When we’ve gone in the past and it’s been snowing there is an urge to jump out of the car and strike some black metal poses on the frozen tundra. 

Rather than shell out for the onsite caravan accommodation we decamp just down the road in Porthmadog. Not too far away and better amenities once we are outside. 

Today sees Skyclad, Napalm Death, Destruction and HammerFall gracing the stage within the caravan park’s ballroom. 

I’m not really a fan of the Gothenburg power metal band HammerFall, but in this house it’s was a bit of a standing joke regarding one of my wife’s work colleagues. 

I have a bit of a mental blank when it comes to names. Early on with her employers we were invited to a fancy dress company birthday party. As I couldn’t take in the names most people ever since have been referred to as Neo, Frankenstein and Marsellus. Hammerfall (the man) didn’t inspire a pseudonym at the time, until that one morning in casual dress Friday and there he was, resplendent in a HammerFall (the band) shirt. 

They’re a band I first saw in 2005 at the indoor version of Bloodstock for their second visit to the country, and twice since. They’re competent at what they do, but they just don’t seem to do anything for me and I get bored quickly. 

Hearts on Fire was released in 2002 on their Crimson Thunder album.