Systematic Reduction

Harlott hail from Melbourne, Australia, and have released one of the best unadulterated, pure thrash metal releases of the year with Proliferation. Proper heads down, fast metal. No ballads, no over long solo’s, no death metal screams and grunts.  Thrash metal how it used to be played at it’s height. Comparisons can be made to modern era Slayer with a nod to recent Exodus, but these lights will fade sooner rather than later and some bands will need to carry the torch, and Harlott are doing a mighty fine job with their sophomore effort.

Seen on stages over on this continent when they opened up for Canadian heavyweights Annihilator on their mammoth five week European tour earlier in the year. It was good seeing an opening band have a proper 45 minute set rather than a brief 20 minutes and off they go, and it made it really worth while getting to Birmingham early to see them.

Australian thrash metal is now more than just Hobb’s Angel of Death and Mortal Sin.  There appears to be a cracking scene developing Down Under with some of the most exciting bands I’ve heard for a long time.  Check out fellow Melbourne band In Malice’s Wake some time! Actually, thrash metal is alive and kicking worldwide, so a new school thrash metal thread is most definitely on the cards with this blog next year.