Watch Like Cowards

Later this evening marks my first gig of 2016 and the first time I’ve seen Potteries band Headpress live for a long time. Mixing hardcore with some death and thrash metal elements (forever to be unfortunately known as metalcore) and after listening to their most recent material, now with some very impressive Jamey Jasta like vocals.  Headpress formed at the tail end of the last century, but took a near decade long hiatus, returning to the local scene in 2014. Latest release Image Of Atrocity is available on Spotify or you can pay whatever you want for it through their Bandcamp site.

The Rigger used to be the local rock club where your footwear would weld to the floor if you remained static for too long. Every town seemed to have the very same floor in at least one venue. I’m sure a flooring company specialised in this super sticky covering. Over recent years the place has cleaned up very nicely.

Saying that though, it’s been 14 months since I was last in there. Actually, during 2015 I only attended five shows within the North Staffordshire border. It’s not as if no one plays here, there are regular gigs, just very few that seem to appeal to me. But on the other hand would I like to see some one like Death Angel play here to a couple of dozen people? We are nowhere near the size of Manchester or Birmingham, but when you see some of the bands that roll into places like Buckley and Nuneaton, and I’ve seen some pitiful crowds in our West Midlands neighbours venue, it makes you wonder what is going on with the bookers here, or they do realise local crowds can be so apathetic?


Live Arena 2016.1


Welcome to the New Year! It feels like such a long time ago since I saw Nightwish in London and I thought it was going to be longer still until my debut gig of 2016. Fortunately I’ve come across a couple of local shows over the next seven days so that’s an added bonus. 

Thursday 7th – The Rigger, Newcastle – under – Lyme
A local metalcore band formed long before the term was coined by a stack of nearly death metal bands who listened to hardcore! Reformed after a long hiatus, this will be my first time seeing them second time around. 

Saturday 9th – The Underground, Hanley
Originally I was going to see Scott Ian’s other band Motor Sister, but that tour has been cancelled. Local boiler suit clad band Fallen are playing up Hanley, so I might pop along. Never heard them, but one of their members works at a shop where I deliver, and he assures me they put on a bit of a visual show. 

An Ambiguous reason at best!