As Gods Walk The Earth

OK, onto this evenings Euro 2016 quarter final. Iceland versus France has turned out to be harder than I had previously thought. There are artists from each country I could have picked, but I’m trying to keep it to music that I have at home or within my iTunes library.

Surprise participants in the quarter finals is the land of fire and ice, but when you see how poorly England played their win a week or so ago was no real surprise to fans outside of England.

One of the highlights of this tournament has to be the reaction of the Icelandic commentator who got a little bit excited when they scored a last minute goal against Austria.

For a country of less than 400,000 inhabitants they have had a fair few black metal bands and the obvious Nordic folk metal contingent. I vaguely remember a post hardcore band called Mínus who were signed to Victory Records if I remember correctly.

But today’s representatives are Reykjavik brutal death metal band Beneath. I’ve never seen them, but I was so close to catching them when they played the Neurotic Deathfest in Tilburg back in 2014. I wanted to venture over to Holland as a reunited Dark Angel were announced, but by the time I attempted to make travel arrangements flight prices were through the roof.

As Iceland is really high up on my places to visit list you never know, I might be able to combine some death metal with a trip to the frozen north? It wouldn’t be the first time that coincidentally occurred.

As Gods Walk The Earth is the opening track from the bands debut album Enslaved By Fear unleashed in 2012.