The Confident Rat


And on the fifth day of thrash metal this blog gives you Ignorance from Corby, Northamptonshire. With their British interpretation of Infectious Grooves – the funky side project of Suicidal Tendencies frontman Mike Muir – and Mordred, they offered something a bit different to the UK thrash scene that was fading pretty fast by the time their second album Positively Shocking came out in 1992.  

I know I have the debut CD, The Confident Rat that was released by Metal Blade Records in 1991, but I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve even head that second release let alone own a copy. Something I will rectify once the current dust bowl settling in the house is eradicated. 

Back in 1993, so not all that long before the band split up, I saw the band for what I think was my one and only time at the Wheatsheaf in Stoke. They were supporting New England (or was it the other way around? I can’t remember!) New England were a pretty decent band on the live circuit too, but had to change name to N.E.U.K., to avoid been labelled as some kind of racist band at the time. 

There was a brief glimmer of hope for a reunion a few years back when the reactivated Mordred were pushing them and a still split up Acid Reign for some reunion shows or possibly an all day one off show that was possibly going to be held in Liverpool. It appears that things in the Ignorance camp were close, or at least being considered, but alas no cigar. The Bay Area band eventually made it over in 2014 and were very impressive when I saw them. 

This is the title track from the debut album, but for all the YouTube scouring that I have done it doesn’t look like an official video was made, or it’s not made the platform.